Build Coffee

A coffee shop and bookstore in the Experimental Station on the South Side of Chicago


A website, voter registration drive, Twitter bot, and exercise in political imagination

Hawaii Missile Simulator

A lil game of the moment. Can you run the ballistic alert drill?

Managing Hearts with Kim and Flo

An essay on casual games and affective labor for The New Inquiry

City-Run Englewood Clinic Abruptly Shuttered

Federal funding gets cut, yet HIV rates remain high in vulnerable communities. An investigation for the South Side Weekly

Caduceus Quest

An adventure-RPG where players explore STEM careers as character classes

If It Bleeds It Leads

A reported piece on crime reporting for the South Side Weekly

Pleasure Won: A Conversation with Lauren Berlant

An interview with the illustrious affect theorist for The Point Magazineโ€™s What Is America For? issue


A groovy Twitter bot

Infection City

An asymmetrical board game about epidemiology, vaccines, public health resource distribution, and meningitis

Please Unfold

A month of queer zines at the University of Chicago Center for the Study of Gender & Sexuality

Code of Silence

How the Chicago Police Department covered up for a gang of criminal cops

Noise Before Music

Scenes from the life of legendary performance artist travis travis

At Church on the 9, A Spotlight on Black Joy

An article for Chicago Magazine, written as part of a City Bureau Reporting Fellowship


A storytelling card game about contraception and safer sex, plus relationships, emotions, and social networks

Serious Game Bot

A Tracery Twitter bot generating four serious game ideas a day